St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pops

UPDATE 2/13/13

Just saw these adorable little St. Pat’s hats at Michael’s. Check out their St. Patrick’s Day section! ~Anne

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We wanted to share a couple of our St. Pat’s cake pops with you. Can you tell we’ve been spending WAAAY too much time on instagram (follow us @raleighcakepops)?

The one on the left is a little red-headed leprechaun with a cute little sparkle top hat we found at a local craft store. The pop on the right is a picture of our mint cake pops dipped in white chocolate….sooo yummy.

A wee little Irish proverb for you…

Dance as if no one were watching,
Sing as if no one were listening,
And live every day as if it were your last.

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!


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Pumpkin Cake Pops (a KC Bakes Tutorial!)


We’ve been making pumpkin cake pops all month long so we want to share this terrific cake pop tutorial by our friend Kim over at KC Bakes! I hope you enjoyed it.

Here are some of our pumpkin cake pops–traditional pops and some “sticks up”!

Originally posted on KC Bakes:

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – I. Love. Fall! The colors, the decorations and the weather gets cold enough for hoodies… nothing’s more cozy than a soft, comfy hooded sweatshirt!

I’m super excited to share these pumpkin cake pops with you, they were so fun to make. They’re great for any Fall fest or Halloween party!

I started off with regular size cake balls that I make with my 1.5″ cookie scoop.

Using a fondant veining tool, press grooves into the cake ball.

Continue around the cake ball until you have 5 grooves.

In this case, the less-symmetrical, the better. This may sound funny, but think about the pumpkins you see out in nature… for the most part, they look the same, but up close, they all have their own unique imperfections.

After you’ve done the 5th groove, sometimes the previous 4 grooves close up a…

View original 437 more words

Sweet Request for Birdie Cake Pops (Pottery Barn Bedding Penelope!)

I’m always thrilled when we get a baby girl “cake pop” design request. As the mother of boys, my crib bedding consisted of blue, brown, puppies, boats, plaid…you get the idea.

Our latest request…little birdies to match a darling baby girl bedding set from Pottery Barn called Penelope. Awww!

What do you think?



If you want to see the bedding head on over to Pottery Barn!

Beach Cake Pops …something new!

In June of 2012, we traveled to the beach to meet with a bride who was planning a wedding on the Carolina coast. It took no time at all to decide how her cake pop “wedding cake” should be designed! …and voila!, our “beach” cake pops were born.


You can order these pops right on our site! CLICK HERE

Take care. ~Anne

The Cake Pop Kiosk

I recently tested a mall “cake pop” kiosk at Triangle Town Center in Raleigh, NC. If you’re a cake popper you may have thought about trying this concept as well, so this post is for you.

Keep in mind, I don’t usually post how-to’s so please give me a shout with any questions–I’m always happy to help.

Here we go…

A rep of ours (sweet Connie) thought a mall kiosk would be a huge success! Long story short, we signed a one month lease/test to see if she was right. We were all excited to test a concept that, as far as we know, had never been done before!

We worked fast and kept a tight budget. We purchased a minimal amount of signage (from our friends at T3 Sign Design), hired a few (awesome) part-time employees, and started poppin’!

The Positive Aspects:

EXPOSURE! Customers being able to “find” you is a HUGE factor in any business. If you’re a “dot com” you know what I mean.

SALES! You’re in a location with constant foot traffic so sales are inevitable (what a great perk!).

Want to know a secret: I’ve worked in food service marketing for the last 10+ years. When working in a location such as this (or as a guest in a big box retailer) THE EMPLOYEES ARE YOUR #1 CUSTOMER and your referral network…keep them happy–or else! We offered an employee discount from day 1.

The Negative Aspects:

HOURS! Malls and big box locations have very loooong hours. If you’re a popper you will have to hire staff (or have a great family that will work for free) because who will make the pops?

STAFF! Our employees were awesome but we still ran into the norm…call-outs, no shows, walk-offs, etc. You must have a back-up plan.

PRODUCT! Like I mentioned earlier, pops don’t last. We don’t let our pops go for more than a few days…the sticks yellow, the chocolate gets brittle, etc. You’ve got to have fresh product and account for waste (yes, you will throw out pops).

ADVERTISING! It was tough having a temporary location because it was difficult to advertise. So if you do sign a long-term lease try loyalty cards, Facebook promotions/discounts, Tweet to locals…and blog of course!

The Lesson:

While every cake pop company is different, for us, Raleigh Cake Pops, a kiosk didn’t make sense. We have a busy dot com, large wholesale client list, corporate commitments, weddings, etc. We didn’t want to spread ourselves too thin.

Can it be a success? YES! Although in our opinion, it should be your only means of selling–like a shop–that’s how much attention it requires. There are other options too; if you’d like to test a mall location check with management to see if you can “pop in” for special events. Most malls will let you set up shop for a week or so during special events like Mother’s Day and July 4th.

Good Luck!


Where to Buy Cake Pops in Raleigh / Durham

Where to buy cake pops in Raleigh” is a popular search term that directs visitors to our blog…daily.

So, in case you didn’t know…

We’re RALEIGH CAKE POPS and we’ve been making delicious cake pops since 2010. We’ve created tens of thousands of cake pops in the last year alone–can you believe it? Amazing.

Call us (or email)  at 919-438-1327 or 877-546-6405 to place your custom order.

You may have already seen our cake pops locally at special events…

Vermillion at North Hills Events

The Gap Streets at Southpoint

The Forever Bridal Show (April 2011)

Bell Properties

Brier Creek Country Club

The Oaks at Salem


Raleigh Junior League

Local Sororities

Savor NC (magazine)

My Carolina Today (TV…Valentine’s Day special)

TONS of Local/Triangle/RTP Corporate Events. Hundreds of Parties, Birthdays, Showers, and more!

Oh, and we ship nationwide :)

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

~Anne Flanagan (owner/designer)