Just How Much Cake is in a Cake Pop?

How much cake goes into a cake pop?

We tested it out. We thought it would be pretty close to an entire cupcake and you know what? We were right.

We baked a tray of cupcakes, iced them, then removed the wrappers and mashed them up into cake balls. We popped them on sticks and dunked them in chocolate. Take a look…

How much cake is in a cake pop?

There you go! Cupcake…errr…cake pop on a stick!

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Cake Pop News BlogHer ’11

Our friend Chad (follow him on Twitter @chadbordes) is at the show this weekend in San Diego and spotted our cake pops at BlogHer ’11. Could there be a better place? Wow!

Headed back to Twitter for more BlogHer ’11 news . . . follow us! @raleighcakepops


UPDATE 10/8/11 !


This is a long awaited e-mail follow-up to tell you how amazing your Cake
Pops went over at our BlogHer show. Not only were they fabulous, they were
also gone by the end of the first day of the show, with people coming back
and asking for the recipe….


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