Raleigh Cake Pops Review! Want to hear more about us and our cake pops?

We received a WONDERFUL review this morning from our incredibly supportive and talented friend Lynn over at Goodies for Gifts. Lynn is introducing the world to some brilliant cooks, bakers and confectioners that you may not know exist…until now!

So head on over to Goodies for Gifts for Lynn’s amazing, not to mention delicious, gourmet finds and reviews. Each and every treat will make THE perfect gift. Remember, only 130 shopping days left until Christmas!

 The Review! The Review!

“Today I will review the “bomb diggity” of Cake Pops – the Chocolate Lemon Cake Pop from Raleigh Cake Pops. If you are looking for a unique food gift for the dark chocolate lover in your life, look no further. These Cake Pops are personally dipped in dark chocolate by the talented Anne Flanagan, owner of Raleigh Cake Pops.

The combination of dark chocolate and moist lemon cake is simple, yet dangerous. The sweetness of the chocolate and the subtle sourness of the lemon cake make these easy to devour. I could probably eat these quicker than a box of Oreos and those have been banned from my house as my metabolism slows down…”

Click here to read the entire review!

Thank you…

Goodies For Gifts


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