Cake Pops

Some serious cake pop business…

So many people have asked HOW? WHEN? WHO? again..
How did you make that many cake pops!?!

OK. OK. While we can not give away all of our secrets (elves were involved), we will share the story of our HUGE cake pop order.

Over the summer (in 2011) we received an inquiry for a large order of cake pops. Scratch that, it was a VERY large order!

A church in Pennsylvania with three locations (more in the works!) was looking for a treat to hand out to their guests at their 25th anniversary event. So they reached out to us for a quote, for 10,000 cake pops.

Now for those of you that make cake pops you can imagine how exciting yet scary that number must have been. And it was. You see, like many “cake poppers” out there we run a simple, small business. We do a lot of shipping and local deliveries. We know most of our customers by name or get to know them through the order process. That’s the best part about the cake pop biz, since no two orders are the same (every order is custom) we get to know our customers and we treat each and every order with special care, big or small.

So how does a small business such as ours take on an order of this magnitude? Honestly, with very careful planning and a lot faith.

Now the original inquiry was for 10,000 cake pops, the final order was for 16,500.

With our plan in place, we got poppin’! We had a quota that had to be met each day. All of our supplies were in house and we were ready to roll, literally.

So did we complete the task? You bet we did!


Good afternoon Anne (and your staff) –
I wanted to email you on Thursday, to say our Pops arrived, but I was up to my eye balls in 16,500, amazingly delicious pops! THANK you!  Thank You! Thank you!!!  The pops were GREAT and everyone loved them…
THANK you again for your hard work in getting these to us!!!  You were awesome to work with and I appreciate all you did!

If you are looking for a large order of cake pops–you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today!

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4 thoughts on “Some serious cake pop business…”

  1. Congratulations on accomplishing such a large order!!! 16,500 cake pops made should put you in the Guinness Book of World Records 🙂 We are a small cake pop business as well and just got invited to showcase our pops at a large event where 10,000 guest are expected to attend. We are very excited and also apprehensive about baking, rolling, dipping, and decorating that many cake pops! Our Easy Roller is already on order and I just discovered Chocoley. I would love to pick your brain on some other things, like storing and transporting that many pops. If you would like to share any helpful tips or tricks please email at

    -a fellow cake popper

  2. Hello. I am having such a hard time finding reviews for the Cake Pop roller machine. How did you like it? Are they rolled evenly? Would you recommend it?

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