Free Cake Pop Logos

Quick post for a small audience!

As a designer I’m never satisfied with my work so I often make many, many versions of something before it’s (kinda) right.

With that said, I had a few spare cake pop logos/elements lying around so I thought I’d open up a new category here on the blog called “Freebies”. If there’s a good amount of interest I’ll add more graphics, printables, etc. so check back!

They are yours for the taking. All I ask in return is that you give credit if you use any of them šŸ˜€ …no matter how big or small.

You can grab any of the elements off of this PDF. All items are vector (made in Illustrator)–feel free manipulate, change colors, etc.

Click here to download the PDF Freebies

If you need a small tweak that you cannot tackle just ask.

Have fun!



5 thoughts on “Free Cake Pop Logos

  1. Yvette says:

    Hi – I’d love to use one of your logo’s for a new business I want to start. Can I just do that? And when I create a site, of course I will mention your name for credits of the logo. Maybe you can send me an e-mail, so that we can talk about it? šŸ™‚ hope to hear from you! Thanks so much in advance.

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