What do we think of the cake pop “Easy Roller”? (a quick review)

If you make cake pops you probably own or have seen the Easy Roller by HCP. If not, click here for the you tube video (warning: the background music is pretty catchy!).

Image Property of Heavenly Cake Pops

The Easy Roller was designed to make cake poppin’ easier and faster.

So what do I think?

Well, I’m a HUGE advocate of the Easy Roller (created by Jennifer Cucci at Heavenly Cake Pops). Honestly, we cannot work as efficiently without it.

TIP: If you only have a few hundred pops to make for one event, invite some friends over for a rolling party (we have!). Use ice cream scoops or try a meatballer tool.

Is it easy?

The Easy Roller takes practice. While it won’t turn you into a cake pop manufacturer (you’d probably need a $100,000 machine for that), it does make “cake popping” EASIER. Especially if you make a lot of cake pops.

In my opinion, if you have a cake pop business and make a few hundred or a few thousand cake pops per month–you may want to invest in the Easy Roller. Not only is it a time-saver, it will provide you with a consistent product every time.

So you have a roller but can’t seem to figure it out?

First, get in touch with Heavenly Cake Pops. They are ALWAYS there for us and willing to offer any help or advice.

Here are a few tips we’ve figured out (Here’s a quick homemade video!)…

1. The dough has to be moist and compact–like play doh! This can take practice. Keep in mind, if you have been making cake pops for a while and have an established business, you may have to change the consistency
of your dough a bit.

2. VERY cold dough works best!

3. When you roll the dough out in the frame you have to make sure the dough is the height (fills the space) of the white plastic frame on the low setting (for the standard insert–see image below). Too little dough makes dents in the balls–too much dough makes oblong (egg shaped) balls.

If you ever have any questions just let me know. We roll thousands of cake balls a month with the roller–we can’t live without it!


* I was not compensated for this review and the opinions, tips and comments are my own.


47 thoughts on “What do we think of the cake pop “Easy Roller”? (a quick review)

  1. Bunny - Sydney Australia says:

    Thank you so much. You just answered my questions about broken logs (mix too dry) and oblong balls (too much dough). It was my first attempt and bit of a disaster. The mix is now in the fridge and ready to go. You review has been incredibly helpful. Thanks so much

  2. Geniene says:

    I was wondering if this was worth the money! I just started my business a couple of months ago but when things truly get jumping I want to be able to meet demand. I had watched a few Youtube videos on it. Thank you!

  3. Diara Rivera (Diva's Delights) says:

    Girl mine is shoved in my closet =/ tried it that once and haven’t tried again since it was such a disaster. Need to dust it off and try again -__-

  4. Emma's Cake Pops says:

    They are on offer at the moment for $99.99, but with shipping to the UK it works out at $195. I’m seriously considering getting one. Although, I’m concerned that the balls are going to be a bit smaller than the one I roll by hand.

    • Michelle says:

      They are a little smaller than the ones I roll by hand. They are 1.25″ where mine are 1.5″. They do have another insert you can purchase that will make them the 1.5″ size or smaller at 1″. Not sure how big yours are but just a note and its still on sale! I paid 270.00 here in the us plus shipping so its a heck of a deal!

  5. Danie B. says:

    Thanks for the review! I have one question–how do the cake pops TASTE? I’ve been following Bakerella’s recipe (1 sheet cake + 2 cups of frosting) for a delicious tasting cake pop. I’ve purchased the cake pop roller but have yet to use it. I’m curious how the cake pops taste with little to no frosting in them. Anyone?

    • Danie B. says:

      It’s the only ratio I’ve ever used, although admittedly, it is a lot of frosting. That’s why I wanted I ask about the taste/texture of a near-to-no frosting ratio. In the cake pop roller video, the cake looks like dough. I just can’t see that being a yummy cake pop but I guess I’ll have to test it out for myself. Thanks for responding! Kind regards, Danie

      • Judy E. Fleming says:

        Using a lot of frosting will make it not roll properly. It is normally recommended that little or NO frosting makes the best cake pops in this machine

  6. Michelle says:

    I use near to no frosting. I maybe use 1/4 cup of frosting for a 9X13 sheet and my balls taste great and have great texture and never fall off the stick. How do your balls stay on the stick? Or are you just doing balls? I’m with Raleigh cake pops that’s a lot of frosting. Try with less I think you’ll be happy with the end result.

  7. Di says:

    Are you mixing these in the food processor to get the dough to roll out like they show??? I’m curious if this is how most ppl are actually making their pops so they end up like a cookie dough basically???

    I enjoyed finding your review as I recently purchased one of these to play with… I’ve never made them this way, but I tried following their directions using the food processor to mix icing in and NO one here liked them (everyone thought they were gooey and tasted like a raw dough rather than cake… mixed with about 1/4 c icing to 1 mix cake.) I ending up doing my normal way (just hand mixing the icing in) and then using a cookie scoop to load the dough on the roller… love the consistent size!

    • ICS says:

      I tried doing what you said because I do not like the food processor way as well, so I used my regular method and scooped it then roll. It still crumbles. I hate to put this to waste for it cost a lot of money. I even bought the cupcake insert —– which I didn’t bother to try. Hope I can return it. I think I can since i didn’t use it. Can you tell me how I can at least roll mya scoped doughs – please?

  8. Kara says:

    I would like to try just a moist baked cake and try it. Sorry I am not a fan of the mix of cake and frosting it seems a bit too gummy to me.

  9. Lori says:

    Sorry, I’m still con fussed about the number of store-bought cake mixes to frosting ratio. Is it two cake mixes to 3/4 cup frosting? My “logs” break apart when I take them off the roller, and the balls aren’t coming out like how they look on the demo. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    • RaleighCakePops says:

      Sounds like your dough is too dry, although it sounds like you are using MORE than enough frosting. Hmmm…have you tried freezing your cake first, then crumble, then add the frosting? Sometimes the colder the better.

  10. Diana Gomez says:

    I need help, i purchased the Heaveanly Cake Pop easy roller and i tried it for the first time yesterday and it was a complete mess! I really need and want to master this machine because it looks amazing but I am having trouble with the dough. Should i use 2 cake boxes of dough at a time? Do i put the crumbled dough that has been mixed with frosting in the fridge for an hour or the cake by itself in the fridge for any hour? Please help my logs feel apart and didnt even make it to the cake pop machine because it was falling apart.

      • Diana says:


        Sorry for the late reply. I did watch the video and practiced a lot and my logs are getting better and when I roll it sometimes the balls come out perfect and sometimes there oval. I haven’t tried using the balls straightt from the machine and using them to put on a stick because I feel like once I insert the sick the balls will fall off and cut in half. Also i tried putting the dough in the fridge before I roll and I feel like it dries out.

  11. Kim says:

    Hello, I have had my cake pop business for 3 years and have been contemplating buying the easy roller for awhile now. I am worried that my way of making cake pops may not work with the easy roller. I read through the previous comments and see that no one else really makes them using 1 box of cake mix and 1/2 cup of frosting. Before I go all in and invest in this product, will I have a problem using my mixture with the easy roller?

    • RaleighCakePops says:

      Hi Kim, You may want to run this by Jennifer at Heavenly Cake Pops. She is the creator of the easy roller. It’s sounds like your mixture may have a bit too much frosting for the roller…but I don’t know for sure.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Just found and read through your posts. Check out the heavenly cake pops site and you will see Jennifer doesn’t use any frosting on the demo video, just cake. Looks less gooey and less mess. I tried the cake and frosting and found it messy and didn’t like the taste. But I’m willing to give it another try this way. Good Luck

  13. Stephanie says:

    What notches do you put the frame in? I use cake scraps to make my cake balls so it’s difficult to know what its equivalent is in terms of sheet pans. Have you ever weighed it out?

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