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How to Make Pie Pops

I’m never one to say no. So when a client asked for pie pops (aka pie on a stick) last weekend I said, “you got it!”.

Seemed simple enough.

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Pie on a stick
Pie pops by Anne from Raleigh Cake Pops

For the short-short version, skip the scratch-made piecrust (I made my own–oh the butter!) and head to your local grocer for

I’ll add the piecrust recipe to the end of the post so that I can jump right in to the actual pie pop process.

You will need…
• Cold Piecrust (scratch or store bought)
• a 3-inch Cookie Cutter in any simple shape…circle, square, heart, etc.
(plus an optional ½-inch cutter for vent hole)
• Pie Filling (we used Polaner All Fruit seedless raspberry in this photo but actual pie filling is best).
• 6-inch Paper Cookie Sticks
• 1 Egg (for egg wash)
• Food Brush
• Small Fork
• Parchment Paper or Silpat Mat
• Sugar (larger crystals work best, aka sanding sugar)
• Cookie Sheet

Let’s go!

1. Heat oven to 400 degrees F

2. Line cookie sheet(s) with parchment or Silpat mat

3. Using a rolling pin, roll out your cold pie crust dough onto a floured surface to about 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick

4. Cut out your dough shapes with the 3-inch cookie cutter. You will need 2 dough cutouts per pie. We also cut small vent holes with a smaller cutter. You can simply cut an “X” if you do not have a small cutter. Add the vent hole near a corner so that you don’t see the stick.

5. Lay one dough shape (bottom shape) on the parchment paper or Silpat mat.

6. Place a paper cookie stick in the center of the dough shape, an inch or so from the top and press lightly—just enough to make a dent in the dough.

7. Add a small spoonful of jam or pie filling, roughly 1 teaspoon—it won’t hold much—to the center of the dough shape.

8. Cover with your second dough shape and lightly press the dough around the stick—again, just enough to make a dent in the dough.

9. Using a small fork, gently make small indents all the way around the shape of the mini pie—just enough to seal the edges to the bottom piece.

How to make pie pops
Before the oven

10. Next, beat the egg and using a food brush, carefully brush the top of the dough with the egg wash. Be careful not to brush the sticks with the egg wash. This causes the sticks to brown when cooking–you can see this in the photos.

11. Add a little sanding sugar over the egg wash.

12. Finally, place in the oven and bake for 15 minutes or until the crust is golden brown (see photo).

Let cool for at least ten minutes before serving.

Pie Crust Recipe

  • 2 sticks of cold unsalted butter (cut into pieces)
  • 2 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 5 or 6 tablespoons of cold water

Using a stand mixer with the flat/wide paddle attachment (you can also use a food processor), mix the dry ingredients for about 20 seconds to combine. Add the cold butter pieces and beat for approximately 1-2 minutes, until the mixture resembles coarse meal with pea size pieces of butter.

Add the cold water 1 tablespoon at a time until you have a crumbly dough that just holds together when you pinch it. It should not be sticky.

Divide dough, wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least two hours. Once you are ready to roll, take dough out of the refrigerator and leave out for about 5 minutes. Move to instruction #3 above.

Depending on the size of your cutter, this pie crust recipe should make about 12 pie pops.

Pie on a stick

And that’s it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


P.S. Southern Bride and Groom Magazine loved our pops so much, they put them in their magazine. What a beautiful photo…

Our pie pops in Southern Bride & Groom Magazine


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