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Fellow Cake Pop & Gourmet Food Friends… Marketing!

Hi there!

I receive many requests for marketing help–logo design help, tag design, web-site and e-store advice, how do I use Pinterest, Facebook posts, etc.

I answer every one.

But tell me, do you need help in these areas? Is this something we should write about? Or, are you more interested in cake pop tutorials or recipes?

Please share your specific needs/wants with me. Either here on the page publicly or privately over email?

I want everyone to be a success! There’s plenty of room for all of us :)!



3 thoughts on “Fellow Cake Pop & Gourmet Food Friends… Marketing!”

  1. I would love to hear more about tag design for cake pops. I have a small cake pop business and would love to hear more about how you market your cake pops. I already use Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, so I’d like to keep it more to website and logo/tag design. Thanks!

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