Cake in a Jar (Corporate Gift Idea!)

Looking for a sweet gift idea? Try our perfectly, packaged cake jars! Shipped nationwide.

Great corporate gift idea for the upcoming holiday season or add a tag for a sweet wedding favor!

Cake in a Jar
Cake in a Jar

Available in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz in a variety of flavors.

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Easter Cake Pops & Gifts

Happy spring!

Sending an Easter gift this week? Try our sweet and colorful cake pops!

Every gift order is wrapped up in a white box with a bow and your personal note. Plus, save 20% this week on every order with code SPRING20 

Spring-Cake-PopsEaster-Flowers Hats Bunnies

Father’s Day Cake Pops

It’s almost dad’s day and have we got treats for you!

First up… Father’s Day Cake Pops and OREOS …just for dad!

Father's Day Cake Pops
Father’s Day Cake Pops

Not into pops? No problem! Try our chocolate covered Oreo cookie option.
Same fun design but on a chocolate covered cookie!

Dad have a sweet tooth? Try these new items…

Brownie Pop’s
12 FOR $30


Chocolate Covered Twinkies
6 FOR $24


1/4 lb. Caramel Wrapped Pretzels
4 FOR $20


We can also send a gift basket with assorted chocolate treats! 


Our father’s day gifts are shipped in navy blue gift boxes with a hand-tied ribbon.
Order today and save 25% with code SUMMER14

All orders are shipped cold and Fedex 2-day.

Happy Shopping!



Valentine’s Day Cake Pops (Bulk Too!)

Hello all! Wow, it’s been a while.

We had such a wonderful (and busy) holiday season that we haven’t written a blog post since July. Yikes!

Our talented, not to mention dedicated, team pumped out over 225,000 cake pops for Christmas. Now we’re off and running to fill our Valentine’s Day orders. Here’s our line-up!

Our Small Gifts are Delivered in a White Bakery Box
with a Hand Tied Ribbon (colors vary)
(click each pic to be redirected to the online shop)




On sale for Valentine’s Day! 8-PC Gift for $19



Looking for a lot of cake pops to hand out to a class, your staff, or for a fundraiser?
Try our bulk case! Each pop is only $1 and you get 12 Dozen.

For Valentine’s Day we are INCLUDING our “To and From” (see pic above) tags
that easily affix right to the cake pop sticks…




Sugar Coated Cake Pops

Happy Friday!

We’ve got a weekend deal in the online shop today. 25% Off Sugar Coated Cake Pops…
Cake Pop Deal

For those of you that make cake pops, these easy cake pops make a big impression. Look at how colorful they are! They can be any color of the rainbow and beyond…black, gold, silver. Great for ombre themed parties too!

Simply dip your cake pop in any color chocolate and tap off the excess chocolate. While the cake pop is still wet (but not dripping) light pour clear sanding sugar all over the wet chocolate.

TIP: The sugar will weigh down the chocolate and may cause it to slide off the pop. You can avoid this by making sure your chocolate temp is correct–around 85 degrees F–and by tapping off as much chocolate as you can before adding the sugar.

Sugar Coated Cake Pops

Orange Creamsicle Cake Pops

How cute are these pops…

KC Bakes

Summer is officially here! Our region has been smacked with a massive heat wave this week… temps in the 90’s? No thanks!

With that kind of weather, there’s only one way to beat the heat… relaxing by the pool with a popsicle!

Orange Creamsicle Cake Pop Title

But these aren’t just any ordinary popsicles; they are Orange Creamsicle Cake Pops – yes, there’s cake in there! They’re so easy to make… I’ll be showing you two styles of Orange Creamsicle Cake Pops, so make sure you read all the way to the end.

The geniuses at Pillsbury recently came out with some seasonal flavors, and I was so excited when I found Orangesicle cake mix and frosting at my local Target. So not only do these pops look like Creamsicles, they taste like it too!

Orangesicle Cake Mix and Frosting

Prepare the cake as directed, and mix your cake pop dough as if you were making regular cake pops. If you…

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Is Twitter the new “Live Chat”?

I think so.

If you’re in business, take advantage of this as a valuable customer service tool and a great way to increase traffic to your web-site.

Plus, sites like Klout and Kred, among others, measure your social media influence–more tweets, more Klout, the higher your Kred.

Is that important to you? Maybe not. So let’s look at the perks of using social media, Twitter specifically, for customer service…

–Twitter is FREE (hello, free!)
–NO Software to Install
–You Don’t Have to Sit in Front of a Computer Waiting for the “Bell to Ring”
(common with live chat software)
–Respond on Your Time
(live chats usually time out and the potential client has to send a message if you don’t respond)
–Drive Traffic Back to Your Site
–Build Followers & Your Great Reputation

That little live chat feature on web-sites has always been my friend. I’m like, yes please, “Live Chat”! Yay, I can get an answer immediately. Sweet!

Today we’re all connected. Sites like Twitter and Facebook allow consumers to instantly connect with their favorite brands. This also immediately places all consumers into the VIP status (which is where they should be right?).


Take a look at how many mentions I received on Twitter in a few short minutes trying to find a gift for my eight year old niece (don’t worry, not just a test, I’m actually sending my niece a cookie bouquet because I really do love! ..and my niece).


Look at how the wonderful customer service rep Corrine consistently pushed me to the site. She even tried to get me to buy cake pops (I love it–great selling Corinne!). And…look how many times I was mentioned on twitter. A surefire way to increase my Klout score!

You see, all the tweets in the world aren’t going to get potential clients to look at your profile and click your tiny link (that’s sounds dirty).

You must interact! Simply signing up isn’t enough. Why not use it as the voice of your customer service?

Take care,


I may make cake pops for a living but marketing and design are my passion.