Free Disney Frozen 2 Printable for Cake Pops

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We’re updating this post since it was originally written back in 2015. I cannot believe it’s been four years!

Frozen 2 is hitting theaters November 22nd, 2019

With that said, here’s a FREE printable for cake pops with three of the popular characters from Disney’s Frozen 2 … Elsa, Olaf, and Anna!

Here’s a photo to give you an idea of how you can use them on cake pops. Simply print out the jpeg file below on cardstock or other sturdy paper, cut out the characters, and tape or hot glue them to the sticks…so cute!

Frozen Cake Pops

Frozen Printables for Cake Pops

Frozen 2 Printable for Cake Pops


Disclaimer: This item is not for sale and is for personal use only. The Disney Frozen 2 images were found using a google image search.

Have fun and send us your pics!



Cake Pop Tags (Free Printables)

Happy Tuesday! Let’s talk tags.

One of the most popular accessories for cake pops has got to be customized tags.

Tags are little love notes that can be added to the sticks or tied on with ribbon. They’re usually around 2-inches or so and can turn a simple cake pop into the perfect favor. Here are a few we’ve done…

Cake Pop Tags

I’d love to share with you how I make tags and offer a few freebies as well. If you’d like us to create a printable just for you, we offer them on our web-site for $5- per file. Click here.

OK, so the most important elements are color/theme, message, names, and the event date.

Step 1: I find a font that fits the theme. If I don’t have a font in my library already I’ll search or similar free font site. Some of my fav’s lately are Alex Brush and Museo. When in doubt, stick with Adobe Caslon Pro!

Step 2: If I need a graphic, I head on over to a (paid) site called This site has wonderful graphics for everything from wedding images to baby shower pictures. There are also quite  a few sites out there that offer free clip art, try

Step 3: I create the tags and set up the sheets using Adobe Illustrator (or Photoshop).
You can use Word too. Here’s a Word template for 2-inch tags: 2-inch-Template-Cake-Pop-Tags

Tip! When working with fonts try to keep it to one or two max. Keep it simple. Don’t go nuts with strokes and drop shadows (aka “word art”). The text is small and those design elements will make the message difficult to read.

Step 4: I print the sheets out on glossy cardstock on an HP Photosmart Premium Inkjet Printer.

Step 5: I use a professional Rotatrim cutter for smooth, crisp cuts.

Step 6: I then carefully (test one first!) hole punch the tags with a heavy duty hole punch. We cut a lot of tags so while a hand-held punch will certainly get the job done, this saves our hands from aching!

And…that’s it!


If my method seems a bit complicated, here are some simple shortcuts:

PAPER: opt for readily available cardstock sheets from Walmart or any office supply store (Staples, Office Max, etc.)
HOLE PUNCH: use any hand-held hole punch
CUTTER: I do not recommend scissors. Try (carefully!!) cutting single sheets on a self-healing cutting mat using an x-acto knife and 18-inch metal ruler as a guide.


Now for some FREEBIES!
Here are two fun tag sheets you can print and use… Here’s the PDF to print –> Tags

If you’d like to order customized printable sheets for your event or business, they are now available on our web-site.

BaseballTag Owl-TagsEnjoy!


What do we think of the cake pop “Easy Roller”? (a quick review)

If you make cake pops you probably own or have seen the Easy Roller by HCP. If not, click here for the you tube video (warning: the background music is pretty catchy!).

Image Property of Heavenly Cake Pops

The Easy Roller was designed to make cake poppin’ easier and faster.

So what do I think?

Well, I’m a HUGE advocate of the Easy Roller (created by Jennifer Cucci at Heavenly Cake Pops). Honestly, we cannot work as efficiently without it.

TIP: If you only have a few hundred pops to make for one event, invite some friends over for a rolling party (we have!). Use ice cream scoops or try a meatballer tool.

Is it easy?

The Easy Roller takes practice. While it won’t turn you into a cake pop manufacturer (you’d probably need a $100,000 machine for that), it does make “cake popping” EASIER. Especially if you make a lot of cake pops.

In my opinion, if you have a cake pop business and make a few hundred or a few thousand cake pops per month–you may want to invest in the Easy Roller. Not only is it a time-saver, it will provide you with a consistent product every time.

So you have a roller but can’t seem to figure it out?

First, get in touch with Heavenly Cake Pops. They are ALWAYS there for us and willing to offer any help or advice.

Here are a few tips we’ve figured out (Here’s a quick homemade video!)…

1. The dough has to be moist and compact–like play doh! This can take practice. Keep in mind, if you have been making cake pops for a while and have an established business, you may have to change the consistency
of your dough a bit.

2. VERY cold dough works best!

3. When you roll the dough out in the frame you have to make sure the dough is the height (fills the space) of the white plastic frame on the low setting (for the standard insert–see image below). Too little dough makes dents in the balls–too much dough makes oblong (egg shaped) balls.

If you ever have any questions just let me know. We roll thousands of cake balls a month with the roller–we can’t live without it!


* I was not compensated for this review and the opinions, tips and comments are my own.

Colorful Cake and Cake Pop Decorations

Are you looking for just the right shade of pink sugar to decorate those baby shower cupcakes
you know the one with the “Pink Giraffe” theme?

Well take a look at these terrific web-sites for edible decorations available in every color in a rainbow (brown, black, gray and white too)!

If you can’t find the right color, it may not exist!

Layer Cake Shop

Have fun!

Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Valentine’s Day will be here soon! That means it’s time for hearts, hearts and more hearts, right?

Not for me. This year, I’m thinking about something a little more unique.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and turn your cake pops into “love-worthy” treats, take a look at these beautiful (and edible) products I recently found on the web for Valentine’s Day.

For starters, check out my new friend Sachiko’s incredible fondant creations! Click here for her Etsy page. I’ll definitely be picking some of these up for the holiday.

by Sachiko Windbiel

by Sachiko Windbiel

Next up, my new “twitter friend” @CandiedCakes makes these gorgeous edible jewels. I haven’t taken a close look the sizes yet but pop just one of these on top of a cake ball and you’ve got instant love (by me at least)! Click here to purchase.

Martha Stewart also has a terrific idea out for sugar cookie pops, click here for the recipe.


Finally, I’m starting to have a bit of fun with Valentine’s Day too…nothin’ says love like a pig!



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Cake Pop Supplies

Looking for bags, sticks and twist ties?

We’ve got them in sets of 100 — perfect for Cake Poppers!

(click here) to be directed EBAY!

$19.99 (FREE SHIPPING) for a full set of….

Convenient food-safe poly bags fit easily over cake pops
(or use them to wrap cookies, brownies, or loose candy and nuts). 
–4″ x 5″ 1.5 Mil Flat (not gusseted) Poly Bag–
–Crystal clear, cello-style bags shine like cellophane–
–Resist moisture and grease–
–FDA and USDA food compliant–
(4-inches long)


(6-inch x .5cm cookie sticks)



FREE VIA USPS Priority Mail
*USPS Priority mail normally takes 3-5 business days. 
$8.00…we do not know the transit time 


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New Years Eve Cake Pops

Close your eyes. Think New Years Eve.

What do you see? Glitter, lights and tons of sparkle? How about cake pops?

Do you know that you can dress these sweet little treats up for New Years Eve with edible glitter, gold, and gems?

Take a look at these amazing edible products, all perfect for adding a little glitz to anything from cookies to cake pops

Shop online at The Baker’s Kitchen for silver and gold dragees (ball shaped candies).

Try Michael’s Crafts Stores or Amazon for edible gold and silver stars.

For those of you that love bling check out these edible diamonds & gems at Shop Bakers Nook.

And for those lucky enough to be sipping Cristal Rose this New Years Eve, you may want to try this beautiful 23kt gold dust from Dean and Delucas.

Happy New Year everyone!


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