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Valentine’s Day Cake Pops (Bulk Too!)

Hello all! Wow, it’s been a while.

We had such a wonderful (and busy) holiday season that we haven’t written a blog post since July. Yikes!

Our talented, not to mention dedicated, team pumped out over 225,000 cake pops for Christmas. Now we’re off and running to fill our Valentine’s Day orders. Here’s our line-up!

Our Small Gifts are Delivered in a White Bakery Box
with a Hand Tied Ribbon (colors vary)
(click each pic to be redirected to the online shop)




On sale for Valentine’s Day! 8-PC Gift for $19



Looking for a lot of cake pops to hand out to a class, your staff, or for a fundraiser?
Try our bulk case! Each pop is only $1 and you get 12 Dozen.

For Valentine’s Day we are INCLUDING our “To and From” (see pic above) tags
that easily affix right to the cake pop sticks…




Cake Pops

Cookie Monster Cake Pops


Cookie Monster Cake Pops
Cookie Monster Cake Pops
Cake Pops

Lalaloopsy Cake Pops

I received a special request for Lalaloopsy cake pops. As a mom to boys, I had no idea what a Lalaloopsy was!

I used basic cake pops and dipped them in tinted white chocolate (for skin tones, I slowly add milk chocolate to white chocolate until I see the right shade).

The hair is fondant. The cheeks are “smudged” circles created with an edible pink marker. The eyes are painted on using black color dust mixed with extract (any will do)…same for the smile (you can use an edible black marker too but I find that they are too light. I wanted to use something that would create a bolder look). The bows are simple little heart-shaped candies.

Here they are…


And here’s the set…

Lalaloopsy Cake Pops
Lalaloopsy Cake Pops

Here’s a revised pic 🙂



Cake Pops

Gluten Free Cake Pops

While strolling past the baking section last week at Earth Fare, I decided to purchase a gluten-free cake and icing mix and finally have a go at gluten-free cake pops.

I purchased a chocolate cake mix and a chocolate frosting mix. I followed the directions on the boxes, baked and cooled the cake, and made the frosting (which I placed in the fridge while I waited for the cake to cool).

Once the cake was cool I followed my normal cake pop steps. Quick note, the icing contains 2 sticks of margarine so gradually add the icing to the cake to form the cake ball dough. When working with extra oils/oil based ingredients I like to work VERY cold by working slowly and constantly refrigerating.

For me, making gluten-free cake pops was EXACTLY the same as making regular cake pops. Simply keep an eye on the consistency of the cake and icing.

The taste? AMAZING! The cake pops actually tasted like hot cocoa. So much so that I just had to tear open a little package of sugar-free marshmallows from a hot cocoa box that I had in the pantry.  Are dehydrated marshmallows gluten-free? YES!

For those of you with food allergies, these could be a dream come true (as far as dessert goes)!

Aside from the cake and icing mix we dip in this terrific chocolate…


And here they are! Yummm.

Gluten Free Cake Pops by Raleigh Cake Pops