Glitter Cake Pops

Glittery cake pops
fun, fancy, and most of all, they SPARKLE!

You can buy them from us or make your own!

You can add a little sparkle with a dash of disco dust,
more sparkle by coating the pop in sugar crystals,
and EVEN MORE sparkle by adding a dash of glitter to the sugar-coated cake pops!

#1 Tap as much chocolate off of the pop before you add the sugar.
This will prevent the sugar from sliding off the pop and giving you a wrinkled look.

#2 Put disco dust in a clean salt shaker to add a dash of sparkle.
Sprinkle while the pops are drying.

#3 Use sugar crystals over sanding sugar.
The thicker the sugar, the more they’ll sparkle
(keep in mind though they will be “crunchy”).

#4 You can color your own sugar (& nonpareils!) with gel color
(TIP: when making black sugar just use a lot of red and blue…black is usually just very dark purple).
Put sugar (or nonpareils) in a container with a cover (like Rubbermaid or Tupperware), add a small amount of gel color, shake rigorously, open to air dry.
If you are working with a lot of sugar spread it out on a baking sheet or
jellyroll pan to air dry for a few hours.

Questions? Contact Me

Have fun!