Cake Pops

Quick tip! (melting white chocolate)

Quick tip! (melting white chocolate)

Cake Pops

The story behind our “Monster Head” cake pop stand …

Monster Head Cake Pop Stand!

A few months ago I answered a small plea on Twitter from @CherylStyle, an incredible party planner–just check out the NEW site, who was stuck at a disturbing “666” Facebook fans. I immediately came to the “rescue” and bumped that number up to 667! Ha!

A few days later Cheryl sent a hand-written thank you note and a gift (wrapped with an incredible bow idea that is now my “go to” bow…I hope there’s a blog post on it!). The gift? A bright orange, fluffy-as-can-be, feather boa! Not having an immediate need for a boa, I put it on a shelf hoping to find a use for it later.

As it turns out, just last week, we were trying to come up with a cake pop stand to display 60 eyeballs for a Halloween party. So I looked around my office and there it was, “Cheryl’s Boa”!

A big old block of styrofoam, lots of hot glue and an “oh so cool” cut-out of a mouth and we were off and running with a fantastic, completely over-the-top, cake pop stand–just perfect for eyeballs.